The Game

Welcome to the game where you spawn evil creatures to fight shiny and heroic heroes trying to do their hero things to give a chance to our tiny evil friends to claim their comeback. 

Hero? U Dead is a submission for the Mini Jam 51:Rome where you unleash your creativity in game development to create a game that matches the theme and the limitation within three days.

The very first thing that pops out to mind when I heard the word Rome, is the Colosseum with gladiators and a lot of actions and fighting going around. But instead of gladiators. Inhuman creatures are spawned by the player to stop the heroes from rescuing the villagers because keeping villagers as hostages is the most villain thing there is.

• • •


Bring the heroes to despair with these 4 unique characters currently available to the game. All with different traits that you can use to do evil

Icon on Cards

You can find these icons on minion cards. Which describes the characteristics of the card

How to play the game

  • Collect mana
  • Select a minion card you want to spawn
  • Click the spawn circle to spawn enemies
  • Stop the heroes from rescuing your victims

How to run

  • Download the ZIP file below
  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Run 'Hero U Dead'

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Do you like the game?

I am looking forward to expanding the game in the future. There are more features and mechanics I would like to add in the future that cannot be done in this time frame. Like, more levels, more baddies to spawn, less clunky game loop, music, or other stuff.

Your suggestions are welcome!

This game is created for 2 whole days. Sprites and the game core on Day 1 and more sprite, more coding, the addition of SFX, optimizing, bug fixing and balancing on Day 2, and lastly, I do some final testing and made this landing page on on Day 3

Special thanks to my best buddy in terms of SFX:

The game is created using Game Maker Studio 1.4 didn't have a license for the 2nd version so I am sticking on the older version. Hey, it still works like a charm!

I am planning to include the source code here in the future if some are interested. 


2020/04/08 - Added browser version to make it easier to access the game


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Hero U 2 MB


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Great game! I especially like the art style. The enemy on the second round got a bit stuck at the top of the screen for me but other than that the game played nicely. Funny coincidence, the game Spectacle Jakob and I made used exactly Game Maker Studio 1.4, Photoshop and bfxr as well!

Thank you. Game Maker studio devs are everywhere. The funny thing is that most of us uses those three to make our games  hahaha